Kronos Games Online

Kronos Games Online (KronosGO) - A division of Atomic Bullfrog LLC, was founded by a small group of highly experienced artists, programmers and more importantly, gamers who love games. We specialize in creating games that are fun, addictive, highly polished and have lasting appeal. Our first product, Action Bowling for the iPhone, is a great example of a game that is easy to get into, tons of fun to play and has lots of thoughtful features and depth in gameplay. Once you've picked up and played Action Bowling, we think you will agree that it is easily the best playing and most realistic bowling game on the iPhone.

Our second title on the iPhone - Sheep Launcher Plus! and Sheep Launcher Freeee! are both simple yet highly addictive games that users of all ages can just pick up and play.

Be sure to come back and visit us often. We have plenty of great new products and cool features for this website coming in the next few months...